LingPipe 2.2.1 released


We released LingPipe 2.2.1. This is a maintenance release that patches a major bug in the new fast cache and a minor bug in spelling token sensitivity.

The first fix enables the new util.FastCache to handle negative hash codes. I was reminded that not only may hash codes be negative, the remainder operator (%) does not always return a positive value. The first unit tests must’ve coincidentally used strings with only positive hash codes. This has been fixed and tried in a large scale setting now. Why do I say reminded? Well, it’s literally Puzzle Number 1 in Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter’s mind-bending Java Puzzlers. Many of the other puzzles deal with overflow of integer values.

The second fix takes care of a subtle bug in spelling correction token sensitivity for when the best hypothesis splits a token into two tokens. I was forgetting that the second token had been edited implicitly. There are also two new spelling features: one lets you set a minimum on the size of tokens edited and the second lets you specify a set of do-not-edit tokens.

If you’re not using spelling or the new cache, the new release won’t affect you at all.

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