Getting Users the Old-Fashioned Way: Paying Them


IBM recently announced 20 "winners" of their 2006 UIMA Innovation Award. These 20 full time faculty members received $10,000-30,000 each to “encourage the use of open source and open standards-based tools for academic curricula and research,” which is later qualified to “the porting of significant analysis algorithms to the UIMA framework, and in the use of UIMA to support knowledge acquisition for the semantic web.”

See IBM’s UIMA Home Page for more info. It’s interesting to see that Nstein rolled out UIMA support for a suite of tools including doc/sentence classification for topic, objectivity and polarity, as well entity extraction and some relation extraction.

I’m guessing the incentive program might have something to do with a recent up-tick in requests we’ve received from students for UIMA components. If anyone has any UIMA wrappers laying around for LingPipe components that we could share, please send them to us and we’ll start a collection in the sandbox.

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