LingPipe 3.1.2 Released


LingPipe 3.1.2 is a minor revision of 3.1.1. Here’s the change list:

Medline Citation Parser

Properly handle reprinted-in elements.

TF/IDF Classifier Unknown Features

Added code to ignore unknown features at classification time.

Cached Mention Identity Conditions

The identity conditions have been converted back to those for an Object and the unit tests changed. This was to make the code compatible with our forthcoming cross-document coreference code. In particular, this will not change the behavior of within-document coreference resolution.

Dynamic Classifier Handler Interfaces

Modified classifer evaluators and the dynamic LM classifiers to implement the classification handler interface.

LM Handler Interfaces

The trainable LM classes now implement the text handler interface.

Static Converter in Chunk Handler Adapter

Added a static method to convert chunkings to BIO-taggings.

Spelling Sizing and Tuning

There’s an added section on sizing and tuning the spelling corector.

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