LingPipe 3.4.0 Released


LingPipe 3.4.0 is out. As usual, find out more and download from the home page:

Here are the release notes.

Intermediate Release

The latest release of LingPipe is LingPipe 3.4.0. This release
replaces LingPipe 3.3.0, with which it is backward compatible other
than for one constructor for the approximate dictionary chunker (see
below for details).

Serializable LM and Spelling Correction Training

This release adds the ability to serialize instances of
lm.NGramProcessLM and spell.TrainSpellChecker. This will allow more
data to be added to training without having to rescan earlier data.

Serializing spelling training led to adding a serialization
implementation to spell.FixedWeightEditDistance.

Count-Based Training for LM Classifiers

There is a new method in classify/DynamicLMClassifier that allows
counts to be included with training instances.

Revised Approximate Dictionary Chunker

The dict.ApproxDictionaryChunker class was refactored for compatiblity
with the util.Distance and util.Proximity interfaces as well as the
spell.WeightedEditDistance class.

Unfortunately, a constructor had to be removed, so it’s not fully
backward compatible. The documentation has been completely rewritten
(as has the doc for edit distance), and a tutorial example is
available as part of the named entity tutorial (see below for a link).

Factory Interface

In support of some of the projects in development, we’ve added a
generic factory implementation in util.Factory.

String Comparison Tutorial

There’s a new string comparison tutorial which covers weighted edit
distances and other ways to compare strings.

Approximate Dictionary Chunker Tutorial

There’s a new section in the named entity tutorial covering
approximate dictionary-based chunking.

New Demo Jars

There are no longer any dependencies in LingPipe itself.

The demos depend on various third party libraries. The following jars
in demos/lib are newer versions than found in the last release:

  • commons-fileupload-1.2.jar
  • commons-net-1.4.1.jar
  • lucene-core-2.3.0.jar
  • luke-0.8.1.jar
  • nekohtml-
  • servlet-api-6.0.16.jar

Sandbox Temporary Home

The sandbox projects are temporarily living at See
the Sandbox Home for info on the sandbox.

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