Java Specification Request (JSR) 247: Data Mining 2.0


I just stumbled on this Java Specification Request:

Is anyone using it? Are there public implementations? It seems to have become inactive around 2006 on the Java site.

The only reference I can find are Oracle javadoc for JSR 73 (Data Mining 1.0), which is part of the Oracle Data Mining kit (here’s their overview PDF).

I found it when looking through the source code distribution for Satnam Alag’s Collective Intelligence in Action (Manning Publications, 2008). The author included decompiled source for a version of someone’s JSR 247 implementation, rooted at package javax.datamining.

The number of interfaces defined is truly remarkable. For example, javax.datamining.algorithm includes

  • svm.classification.SVMClassificationSettingsFactory

as one of several SVM-specific interfaces. The package javax.datamining.supervised contains:

  • classification.ClassificationTestMetricsTaskFactory,

just one of dozens of interfaces dealing with classifier test configuration. I couldn’t actually find implementations of SVMs in the Manning distribution of the decompiled javax.datamining package.

5 Responses to “Java Specification Request (JSR) 247: Data Mining 2.0”

  1. yawl Says:

    I also heard of JDM from this book, then did some research. Only Oracle and KXEN provide JDM implementation, and both are commercial software.

  2. lingpipe Says:

    Thanks for the heads up — I’d never heard of KXEN before. They certainly have an emminent scientific committee, whose role in the company is not explained.

  3. Satnam Alag Says:

    Thanks for pointing out the issues with the source download — the source download has been corrected. As far as I know, only KXEN and Oracle provide JDM implementations. You may want to also look at Mark Hornick’s (JDM lead) book thanks

  4. lingpipe Says:

    Great. Most people really don’t care, but we’re concerned about all the license issues as a private company, so I’m always looking through distributions for their licenses.

    Thanks for the pointer to the book — I hadn’t seen it. I’m amazed at how much of this kind of thing is coming out these days. I know of at least two other natural language books on the way — one for OpenNLP/Mahout and one for NLTK.

    I’m sorry about the post, too. It was really bad form of me to just post this rather than trying to contact you (Satnam) directly. Sometimes, blogs seem more intimate than they actually are. I’ll change the text inline to indicate the new distro.

  5. Satnam Alag Says:

    Thank you for changing the text of the blog, appreciate it.

    BTW I am a big fan of LingPipe, you guys are doing very good work.

    Great to hear about the two new books coming out on NLP, I will keep a look out forthem.

    Lets also connect on LinkedIn.


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