LingPipe 3.8.0 Released


LingPipe 3.8.0 is now available at:

This is a big release — the details are available on the home page linked above.

The big news is that 3.8 is likely to be the last backward-compatible release before migration to 4.0, which will remove methods, classes, and constants deprecated in 3.8.

Please let us know if you have questions or comments.

2 Responses to “LingPipe 3.8.0 Released”

  1. João Says:


    First of all, congratulations on the new release, sure looks great.

    However, I do have some questions about some of the new features (!). In the LingPipe page, there is a mention about the new Feature Extraction package (com.aliasi.features), which is supposed to replace util.FeatureExtractor. However, I can’t seem to find the classes features.FeatureParser and features.FeatureParserAdapter in that package.

    Am I missing something here?


  2. lingpipe Says:

    No wonder you’re confused. The description on the home page doesn’t match the code. As usual, the code’s right and the description’s wrong (never trust doc).

    Here’s what happened: I originally refactored to a new features.FeatureParser interface and then finally decided it wasn’t worth the hassle, because the performance gains weren’t worth the complication and would be very hard to carry through to more complex feature extraction chains (like z-score normers). I should’ve been able to see this ahead of time, but it only became clear when I wrote all the utility filters. So I backed out all the changes, missing the doc!

    I was writing the release notes as I went this time (and I’m sure I still forgot a bunch of stuff), and clearly didn’t proofread them well enough before the release.

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