LingPipe / GATE Integration


Following on their 2009 summer school in July, Hamish Cunningham and crew have finished the initial integration of LingPipe into GATE (aka the “General Architecture for Text Engineering”, described on their home page as the “Eclipse of natural language engineering”).

So far, the GATE integration includes LingPipe’s tokenization, sentence splitting, part-of-speech tagging, named-entity (mention) recognition, and language ID (which I suppose means classifiers are integrated to some degree).

The integration is now available in the GATE nightly builds from the

You can find it under gate/plugins/LingPipe.

Although I don’t see them yet, Hamish tells me there will soon be details in:

The integration was carried out with Alias-i’s permission and LingPipe remains under our Royalty-Free License. GATE itself is distributed under the more permissive LGPL.

2 Responses to “LingPipe / GATE Integration”

  1. hamish cunningham Says:

    tnx folks; re. the docs they’re in flux before our upcoming 5.1 release; in the meantime the list of plugins from LingPipe is up-to-date on

    hopefully we’ll get the learning functions going later on too

    my thanks to Alias-I for allowing us to redistribute their stuff :-)


  2. Seth Grimes Says:

    Also check out Manu Konchady’s book, Building Search Applications: Lucene, LingPipe, and Gate —

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