Breck in Time Out NY‘s Public Eye


I (Bob) love Time Out New York‘s feature Public Eye. Each week, it’s a different New Yorker, usually in some kind of wild outfit.

This week they’re featuring our Breck, Alias-i’s self-described “president, founder, whatever — chief janitor”.

Check out the full feature:

The photo’s a block or two from our office, which is next to McCarren Park, where you’ll often find Breck flying his planes. It’s too bad they didn’t catch him in his orange boiler suit, or one of his more stylin’ vintage or designer jackets. In Breck’s defense, he’s been wearing hats long before the trend among Williamsburg hipsters. Me, I’m a jeans and t-shirt and baseball cap kind of guy.

The feature includes a plug for the Brooklyn Aerodrome; the site contains movie clips taken from cameras mounted on Breck’s RC planes, such as the transparent jobby featured in the photo above.

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