LREC 2010 Tutorial: Statistical Models of the Annotation Process


17 May 2010, Malta

Massimo Poesio and I are going to be giving a half-day tutorial at LREC 2010 in the afternoon of Monday 17 May 2010. The title is Statistical Models of the Annotation Process. We’ll be covering most of the material I’ve discussed in this blog’s data annotation thread and more.

What’s really cool is that it’s in Malta!

I’ll be there for most of the LREC 2010 programme. I’m particularly excited about the 2nd Workshop on Building and Evaluating Resources for Biomedical Text Mining and the New Challenges for NLP Frameworks Workshop (where by “framework”, they mean tools like GATE and LingPipe). I’ve always liked workshops more than conferences.

5–6 May 2010, Edinburgh

Before Malta, I’ll be in Edinburgh 6–7 May 2010 for a reunion of the department in which I did my Ph.D., the Centre for Cognitivie Science (originally School of Epistemics). I’ll be giving a talk on data annotation there, too.

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