Should We Migrate to Java 1.6?


The impending release of LingPipe 4 brings up the question of Java version. Specifically:

Should we start releasing LingPipe compiled with J2SE 1.6 rather than 1.5? And what about the models?

Compiling for 1.5 Still Possible

LingPipe would still be compilable with the 1.5 JDK, so users could build their own 1.5-compatible LingPipe jar. But the official release would be compiled with Java 1.6 and that’s what we’d target for support.

There are no immediate plans to add any dependencies on features introduced in Java 1.6.

No More Public Java 1.5 Support

The reason we’re considering migrating is that the 1.5 version of the JDK (officially Java SE 5.0) reached its end of service life (EOSL) in November 2009. In practice, this means no more public bug fixes for 1.5.

Oracle will support 1.5 for those willing to pay for it through “Java for Business“.

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