LingPipe 4.0.0 Released


After a week of relentless deprecation and pushing every last change through the unit tests and tutorials, we’re simultaneously rolling out LingPipe 4.0.0 and LingPipe 3.9.3. As usual, the latest is available from the

There’s a link from there to the latest 3.9 release, 3.9.3. 3.9.3 is a new release, and is only very minimally different than 3.9.2. I expected more updates for deprecation, but the whole process went more smoothly than anticipated.

Migrating from LingPipe 3.9 to LingPipe 4.0

Models are Backward Compatible

The good news is that all of the models compiled in 3.9 will run as is in 4.0 (using the 4.0 methods, of course). You can read about the mild wizardry required to do this in a previous blog entry, Upgrading Java classes with backward-compatible serialization.

Remove Deprecation Warnings from Code

The migration process for existing code importing LingPipe classes is simple. Get your code to where it compiles in 3.9 with no deprecation warnings and you’re good to go for 4.0. All of the deprecated methods and classes in 3.9 indicate what to replace them with in their javadoc.

3.9 Branched and Supported

We’re expecting to have to support 3.9 for a while longer, because 4.0 isn’t backward compatible without code changes. We’re anticipating continuing to patch bugs for 3.9 and release subsequent versions on the 3.9 branch. At least until all of our support-paying customers upgrade all of their code to 4.0.

The Time to Make it Shorter

Other than updating all the jars, there are no new features in 4.0. In fact, it’s smaller than 3.9. As Pascal said (originally in French, referring to a letter),

I have only made this longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.

Well, we finally found the time to make LingPipe shorter.

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