LingPipe 4.0.1 Patch Release


I just released LingPipe version 4.0.1. As usual, you can read more about and download the latest version from the

The latest version of the book is soon to follow, with much more LingPipe-specific content.

Release Notes

  1. fixes some bugs and brings definitions in line with standards for classify.ScoredPrecisionRecallEvaluation,
  2. added more documentation and utilities to classify.ConfusionMatrix,
  3. updates stat.LogisticRegression and classify.LogisticRegressionClassifier regression so that likelihood gradient updates are blocked along with prior updates,
  4. adds an implementation tokenizer.TokenNGramTokenizerFactory,
  5. updates toString() methods in all tokenizer factories to expose nested structure,
  6. added a collection utilities class util.CollectionUtils,
  7. added some more utility methods for utilities classes
    code>util.Streams and util.Strings,
  8. added utility methods for corpus.ListCorpus and corpus.Parser,
  9. fixed a bug in sparse vector addition with other sparse vectors (which nothing else depended on), and
  10. brings the tokenized LM tutorial in line with LingPipe 4.

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