Pro Bono Projects and Internships with LingPipe


We have initiated a pro bono program that teams a lingpipe employee with a programmer wanting to learn about LingPipe to serve a non-profit or researcher needing help with a text analytics/NLP/computational linguistics project.

So far is is going pretty well with one classification project underway. The way it went was that I worked with an intern, a solid NLP programmer, to help a Ga Tech researcher get a classification system up and running. Now the intern is running the project with some feedback from me but not much is required at this point.

We are taking applications for interns wanting to learn how to code with LingPipe. We also will take applications for projects. Non-profits or academic research only please. Just send an email outlining your skills/needs and we will see what we can do.


3 Responses to “Pro Bono Projects and Internships with LingPipe”

  1. Rich W Says:

    This is a great idea! I think I once asked Bob this, but I’ll ask again. Have you thought about bringing it to a wider audience (and getting paid for it) by running an ACL tutorial (and making a few dollars) instead of/in addition to being a sponsor/demonstrator (and paying a few dollars)?

    • breckbaldwin Says:

      We would be very happy to do a tutorial for ACL with LingPipe and have proposed several in the past but always gotten turned down.

      I have been working on developing more curriculum, still need to get Twitter #4 out, so will do other venues as well.

      If you want to make it happen I will back it with the teaching.


  2. Brendan O'Connor Says:

    If you’re looking for organizations to partner with, you might want want to consider — they do massive document collection reviews for human rights investigations, and are looking for help with semi-automating some of it with info extraction sorts of stuff.

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