Oracle buys Endeca, HP buys Autonomy, Microsoft buys FAST


The news that Oracle’s buying Endeca sounds awfully familiar. But this time it cuts a little closer to home, because we’re an Endeca technology partner. Endeca has been a great customer to work with — we’ve been really impressed with their engineers at every turn.

Clean Sweep

I believe this makes it almost a clean sweep of the medium-to-medium-large-sized independent search companies. Maybe Vivisimo will be next. Of course, there are still small companies delivering search via Apache Lucene and SOLR, such as Sematext and Lucid Imagination. I imagine they will be delighted that yet another small competitor was snapped up by a tech giant.

2008: Microsoft buys FAST

By combining the innovation and agility of FAST with the discipline and resources of Microsoft, our customers get the best of both worlds: market-leading products from a trusted technology partner. … Enterprise Search from Microsoft offers best-in-class technologies…

from: Microsoft fact sheet

2011: HP buys Autonomy

Autonomy brings to HP higher value business solutions that will help customers manage the explosion of information. Together with Autonomy, we plan to reinvent how both unstructured and structured data is processed, analyzed, optimized, automated and protected. … this bold action will squarely position HP in software and information to create the next-generation Information Platform, and thereby, create significant value for our shareholders.

from: HP press release

2011: Oracle buys Endeca

Combination [of Oracle and Endeca] provides best-in-class technology and applications for unstructured data management, business intelligence, and web commerce. … The convergence of structured and unstructured information is driving the need for a common data management and analytics platform.

from: Oracle Press Release

Maybe the tough economic climate has made it hard for small-to-medium-sized tech companies to survive without the deep pockets of a successful large tech company. Maybe Oracle made them an offer that was too good to refuse. Far better to sell when you can get a good price than to suffer the fate of Yahoo! (or SpeechWorks, for that matter).

Make us an Offer?

On that note, feel free to make us an offer for LingPipe.


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