YapMap: Breck’s Fun New Project to Improve Search


I have signed on as chief scientist at YapMap. It is a part time position that grew out of me being on their advisory board for the past 3 years. Try the search interface for the forums below:

Automotive Forums

YapMap search for Low Carb Breakfast on Diabetes Daily

A screen shot of the interface:

UI for YapMap's search results

What I like about the user interface is that threads can be browsed easily–I have spent hours on remote controlled airplane forums reading every post because it is quite difficult to find relevant information within a thread. The color coding and summary views are quite helpful in eliminating irrelevant posts.

My first job is to get query spell checking rolling. Next is search optimized for the challenges of thread based postings. The fact that relevance of a post to a query is a function of a thread is very interesting. I will hopefully get to do some discourse analysis as well.

I will continue to run Alias-i/LingPipe. The YapMap involvement is just too fun a project to pass up given that I get to build a fancy search and discovery tool.


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