LingPipe Home Page

Here’s a link to the home page, from which you can download the software, read the tutorials and run demos:

This is not a general page for comments about LingPipe. If you want to contact us, all our info is on the

and there is also the

6 Responses to “LingPipe Home Page”

  1. ihci Says:

    i need a matrix.SVDmatrix package

  2. Alexander Sorokin Says:

    This is the only way I found to subscribe for e-mails about new posts.

    • lingpipe Says:

      You’re absolutely right — it’s below the comment button. I didn’t even know it was possible to do this. It even sent me e-mail when you signed up.

      Your message is very similar in style to many spams we get — I only realized it was not spam when I saw who and where it was from and that it actually had content in context.

  3. mert Says:

    Are there any way work on triedictionary on database?
    I want to use approxchunker on dictionary and i want to create dictionary on database or in file because of memory scpace?

    • Bob Carpenter Says:

      This is not the right venue for general questions about LingPipe. I just edited this page’s content to reflect that and provide alternatives.

      Given that you also cross-posted to our mailing lists, that’s where you can find my response.

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